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Red Leaf is an online ordering and information portal for the Epicor Prelude Advanced Distribution System. With Red Leaf you have a flexible and powerful tool for your customers to learn about your products and to buy them!


Find products, add them to a cart, and checkout


View past orders, quotes, and invoices


Create lists of products for easy reordering


Ask for information about your products and services


Implement your own role based security for all your web users


Customize your site without closing your upgrade path


Use industry standard, non-proprietary technologies


Add new features using a flexible API-based system


Use desktop, mobile, punchout, and REST services all on a single site


Multi-cart, multi-site and multi-favorites enabled

Red Leaf is more than just a website, it’s an entirely new way to leverage your Epicor Prelude information.


Download Definition Tool

Fitting seamlessly into any SB+ application, the Download Definition tool provides developers the ability to rapidly and effortlessly export information to PowerBI, Excel, or others in a variety of formats. From tab separated values to commas, vertical bars to any format you can imagine, this tool provides the foundations for getting information out of your application with the least amount of time or effort.

Without this tool, developers can easily spend hours manually creating each data export program. To import the extracted information into PowerBI can take even more time. Not so with the Download Definition tool. Create a definition with the tool and run it to bring up the information in Excel, and do it all before you finish that first cup of coffee.

Unform is a powerful collection of tools for dramatically improving the presentation, archiving, scanning, and retrieving of printed and emailed documents. Combined with VSIFax, Unform can also be used to send documents to customers using the powerful Esker Fax-On-Demand service.  Why buy separate expensive applications when one affordable one will do? For more information, see
VSIFax Fax-on-Demand is a comprehensive, multi-platform solution for faxing documents from your Multivalue application without the hassle of on-premises hardware.  See for more information.

Nakivo virtual appliances automate backup and recovery, freeing you up to work on important projects while remaining confident you can recover from the worst day imaginable.  See for more information.

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