About Us

Relationships with Results
From our very first day, “Building Relationships with Results” has been a reminder that our programming is merely one tool we can use to positively impact the lives of real people.

It’s important for us to get to know each customer individually. By understanding you we can better understand the motivations that led you to us. What’s important to you? What makes you tick? What can we do to improve your life? If it were all about creating code, it’d be boring and frankly, we don’t like to be bored.

So unless you’re in the witness protection program and are hiding out from some really bad dudes, we’d love to get to know you.

“Partnering with your company has proven to be the right choice.”
Steve Luteran, Trumbull Industries, Warren Ohio
Since 1994 we’ve been helping people get the most from their Universe, Unidata, and SB+ applications. We do Linux.  We do web.  We do SQL.  We not only invent solutions for the impossible, we help customers better leverage the untapped possible in their everyday.

We have people all over America: From Colorado to Missouri, Washington to Texas, even California to England.  (England, In America?  Of course not! Just wanted to see if you’re still paying attention.)

We build relationships to build better solutions. And yes, we do genuinely enjoy making people smile.

Our Consultants