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Email is NOT Secure!

Every day we receive dozens of emails from customers, vendors, and friends old and new. Normally these messages are pretty innocuous but a couple of weeks ago a customer forwarded a report they had received via email from one of their customers. Imagine my surprise...

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When Cool Stuff Breaks…

Published in the Longmont Daily Times-Call, August 22, 2004 Cool stuff breaks. Nobody plans it to happen of course, but with amazing frequency cell phones, pagers, computers… anything powered seems inevitably destined for problems. When this happens isn't it nice to...

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Customer Service is Dead – Long Live Customer Service!

At some moment in your life, you'll probably have an experience something like this: You buy a new piece of computer equipment with high hopes and grandiose plans that this thing, whatever it happens to be, is going to be really, REALLY cool. With this device, you...

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The Sure Thing

Published in Spectrum Magazine, May/June 2007 Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for that all-elusive "sure thing". Gamblers look for a sure thing as a mystical path to the ultimate jackpot. Teenagers look for a sure thing in every aspect of their lives...

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Are You a Geek?

Published in Longmont Daily Times-Call, September 19, 2004 You love your computer. You love that digital camera. And the latest cell phone might possibly be the coolest thing you've seen your whole life. No question about it, electronics are cool and are easily...

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The Phone Company Needs a New Computer

Published in the Open Systems Database Association Newsletter, Winter 2001 The story you are about to read is mostly true. The names have been changed to protect… well, you know… A couple of days ago, as I was preparing for a three-day trip, I called my internet...

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