Envoy - Credit Card Processing Made Easy

Envoy is a WindowsTM application that serves as a broker between you and your authorization service providers, handling all the details of selecting and communicating with the appropriate provider for each transaction. Envoy frees you from the details of communicating with the different credit card authorization services by providing a centralized authorization location and standardized transaction format.

When running (and not minimized), Envoy displays a screen similar to the following:

Each of your supported authorization service providers is shown with its own tab, where you can monitor the activity for that service -- plus the overview tab (as shown) for monitoring the information being received by and sent from Envoy. Furthermore, each service can be brought online or offline independent of the other services, and Envoy will respond to your host application for those services that are temporarily unavailable. (Note that in this example, Envoy is configured to accept transactions for six different service providers.)

Envoy listens on a TCP/IP socket for incoming transactions. When a transaction is received, it is reviewed and then dispatched to the appropriate authorization service provider. When the service provider returns a response, it is processed and returned to your application in a standardized format. As a result, your application can use a single, simple protocol to communicate with Envoy, and Envoy handles the details of communicating with all of your supported service providers. Never has it been so easy to integrate credit card processing into your application!

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Also, feel free to review the transaction format document (PDF format, 119K) by clicking here.